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For more than 40 years, NSCON has been proud to be a reliable name among Darwin builders. We are as committed now—to our community and our customers—as when we started our company.

To work in our local area and help train young locals in various skills and provide them with opportunities, has given us great joy and made us prouder than ever to be Territorians.


Local Businesses

We believe that to be a successful business long-term, you have to look after your own community.

This is something we strongly believe in. It’s the reason why, when we undertake a job, we will source the materials needed locally, use local suppliers, and hire local Darwin builders and contractors to help fulfill the contract.

This helps keep our local economy strong. And it provides a constant supply of work to enable other residents who have family and roots in the area, to have the confidence to do likewise.


Value In The Community

In any job we undertake, we will always complete it to the very highest standards, using the best available local materials and tradespeople.

This, in turn, has an uplifting effect on our local area.

There’s nothing we enjoy more than completing building projects that are beautiful to look at but at the same time, that will help our local area strengthen its ability to be self-reliant.

It’s the best way we know of to contribute to this fantastic location we live in and make sure Darwin grows from strength to strength.


Part Of A Family

Community awareness is shared easily within our team. We all live and work right here in the Territories and, for all of us here at NSCON, life in Darwin is like being part of a caring and supportive family. And family looks after each other.


Territory Proud

Our company is a long-standing member of Territory Proud which is dedicated to looking after our community with works, funding and education.

We have various schemes in place so we can educate and provide paid opportunities for our young people.


Continuing Our Pledge

We take a Big Picture view of our role as Darwin builders and see it as something beyond just bricks and mortar.

We take on the responsibility of working on protecting and promoting the livelihoods of our residents, businesses, and workers.

There’s no doubt in our minds that it is better to adopt a “think local, act local” approach. The benefits for our community, in any case, are sure to extend beyond local in time.

Meanwhile, nothing we’re doing has anything but a positive impact on service and quality. The same excellent service we’ve always provided is available to all our clients.

And while we’re talking about our clients, we’d like to thank them wholeheartedly for their continued support.

Please get in touch if you’re planning a project and want to make sure its benefits are felt locally. Contact our team today online or by phone.

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