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When you are looking for a construction company in Darwin, why choose a firm that does not know our area, community and history?

Here at NSCON we have been building and working with our community for over 40 years and we believe this experience matters when starting construction jobs in our area.

To us our local area is everything and should be looked after by residents and companies alike.

We Know Our Area

Our construction company here in Darwin has always been family owned and run.

This ensures that we know our wildlife and environment and would never do anything do compromise either.

When undertaking any project, we will only use the very best materials, products and contractors because we know that our community deserves only the very best.

No Job Too Small

We believe that each building or construction contract is as important as the one that came before and the one that will come next.

We will take on any residential project as whole heartedly as our larger commercial and industrial ones.

Whatever the job we will have the professional team and desire to complete it to the very highest standards.

We Take Care Of Our Businesses

For our community to thrive, our local businesses have to be looked after.

In every project we start we will only source our materials and supplies from our local companies.

This ensures that our commerce will thrive, and our local families will have a constant stream of work to rely on.

A Local Workforce

It is not enough that we care about our community, we believe our workforce should as well.

Every member of our permanent staff lives right here in the Northern Territory and cares about our work and our area.

When we take on sub-contractors to assist in any work, again we will endeavour to employ local trades and craftsmen so that  they understand our values and commitment.

In order to help our youngsters get a start in a trade we work alongside schools and colleges and are happy to give some fantastic opportunities to them so that they can enjoy their lives with us here in the Northern Territory whilst learning a valuable trade.

Important Projects

We love looking after our community and are proud to have undertaken work on numerous local schools and colleges.

This will help our children have the best possible foothold in order to further themselves through their lives and hopefully work alongside us to continue our areas growth in the future.

For Your Needs

Whatever project you have for a construction company in Darwin, here at NSCON we would be proud to undertake it and give you a fantastic finish.

To find out more about our construction company or to enquire about a project you have, call (www.nscon.com.au/contact-us/) our offices today on 0419 829 454.

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