How to Choose the Right Builder for the Right Job

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There are a lot of things to think about when choosing a building contractor. Cost is bound to be high on the list, and rightly so.

Short term outlay is not always a good indicator, however, when thinking about building work. The lifetime of a project is a better way to estimate what building costs will be.

That’s why it’s essential to get the right builder in the first place. As experienced Darwin builders, we find the right solutions locally, keeping long term costs low.

Local Choice

Sourcing materials and labour are a huge part of the cost of any building project. Whether that’s domestic, commercial, industrial or civil, the principle is the same. In the Northern Territory, accessing a trained workforce and using the right materials can be quite challenging.

That’s why it pays to choose an established local building contractor with long standing local relationships.

Reliable, skilled labour is a precious resource in itself. Maintaining and encouraging this means investing in local talent, including indigenous workers and apprentices.

A stable local labour force will be there for each job as it comes up. This saves having to advertise, filter and recruit from out of the area. All of this takes time and money.

Similarly, local subcontractors provide the best value for money. A good network of these is essential for a serious building contractor, especially for larger projects. Specialist skills will always require smaller, sub contracting companies, which again can be hard to find.

That’s where a long established local contractor always comes up trumps.

Lifetime Care

The best Darwin builders will be able to guarantee quality on a project long after it’s “finished”. Building work often means repair and maintenance, as well as initial construction. This work should be carried out to the same standards, regardless of the size of the project.

Australian standards AS/NZS 4801:2001 should be complied with on any repair or maintenance job.

Building work today entails a lot of skill sets, from the initial design to final completion of a job. A good builder should offer to design and build if necessary, all in house.

Alternatively, a final fit our may be required, where a framework has already been put in place. The highest standards should apply, no matter what stage of the lifetime of a construction project.

Good local labour, and the best quality materials, give the best chance of completing any building project. That’s why it pays to find an established local contractor who can guarantee each stage of the job.

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