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As one of the longest established construction companies Darwin relies on, we have seen a few different levels of interest in construction over the years.

We have kept up with this trend, building many types of projects.

As the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and we are in a good position to agree.


Solid Base

Probably for construction companies in Darwin more than many others, continuity counts. The people, materials, knowledge and equipment which go into a successful building business take time to acquire.

Over the last few decades particularly, there has been an industrial revolution probably as profound as the first one. Keeping pace with this and retaining some of the people who participated in it, is a very valuable resource.

In the construction industry, the most successful and long lasting companies are those which are family owned. While this often turns into public ownership, the family name usually endures. This is because people trust what they know. In construction particularly, solidity and permanence are good associations to have.

To succeed, builders need to be trusted by other tradespeople. There have always been many skills involved in creating useful, lasting buildings; this is probably more true now than ever. Relationships with local subcontractors, suppliers and clients can only be built up over a period of time.


Valuable Skills

We have a long record of working with the NT government and meeting high standards in OHS, by providing quality service and products. we know that excellence gets recognised. As well as local goodwill and word of mouth, expertise and experience will come with qualifications and certificates. Not only do these give confidence to potential customers, in many cases they are essential to carry out work.

One accreditation to look out for is that given by the Contractor Accreditation Ltd (CAL) company. This is an organisation set up by the Northern Territory Chamber of Commerce to ensure excellence in the industry. In doing so, it works with the Master Builders Association NT and business associations. Together, these use CAL accreditation to foster the best constructors within the Territory.

By encouraging NT firms, CAL and its parent organisations ensure best practice within the Territory. This comes from keeping the knowledge and experience of Territorian operators in NT, rather than lose it to other states. In fact, these days, that knowledge and experience would just as likely end up overseas.


Check Us Out

To find out more about the best in construction companies Darwin has to offer, call us at NSCON. Or in the meantime visit our website.

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